Can you listen my game track? Some new Ideas


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Thanks for the post! :)

For anybody else curious the main play list (3 pieces so far) is

Listened to the newest one, but like the prior two IMHO it shows promise, but has some weird disharmony at times. In the case of "Lands" for instance the cymbals (I think?) and drums seem really out of place with the main body of the piece.

For comparison you can listen to the Terasology sound track Vol 1 by @Chrisk and the Destination Sol soundtrack by @NeonInsect and look for how they tend to keep a more consistent flow, with fewer contrasting instruments fighting for dominance. I also really love a lot of the nice pieces on the EVE Online Soundtrack, although they have a bunch of deep background pieces in that set as well, which really don't work great on their own in the foreground. One of my favorites from there is Home at Last which I think shows how you can have several distinct lines/channels going on at once while still maintaining a sort of overarching harmony.

Now that being said I again am not a real music critic, so I could be waaaaaaaay off and wrong here. But I hope that's helpful :)

Keep at it!

Nihal Singh

Hello @Emilio Buchaillot
I liked the "2186" titled track. It still has an abrupt ending which would not look nice when we transition from one song to the next.
I feel I could use some of these tracks for puzzle and trap settings that have a kind of mysterious or eerie vibe.

Have a look at a few of the trap settings I've made.

It would be awesome if you could make a few tracks that fit to the puzzle theme. I'd love to use them in the new Gameplay module I am making. :)