Contribute to open source, get a free shirt!


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GitHub and DigitalOcean, both services we use, are running an event over October called Hacktoberfest

To encourage open source contributions anywhere they'll mail you a free shirt for having submitted (and gotten merged, I guess?) four PRs. It looks like they'll pretty much scan all of GitHub (maybe repos above a certain number of stars/forks?) for qualifying PRs, so I imagine our repos count :)

All you need to do is sign up by entering your GitHub username an an email address at the link above.

Edit: Looks like DigitalOcean is doing freebie droplets in relation to this for more marketing goodness. Don't know details but code is HACKTOBER

Go forth and code, get free shirt!


* Disclaimer: Offer is actually not for a free hat. Free shirt, free shirt, free shirt! But only one. Not three.
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