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Name: Cooking
Summary: A gameplay module that adds several food items (which can be consumed to restore hunger and/or thirst), food recipes, and cooking stations for cooking them.
Current Goal: Adding some berries, and recipes for casseroles.
Curator: XTariq
Compatibility: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Todo list:
  • Add berries and casserole recipes.
  • Add more food in general. Perhaps baked goods.
  • More cooking stations and required utensils. Maybe an oven for based goods?
  • Food with optional/extra ingredients to add cosmetic flair or actual gameplay effects.
  • Food with more effects other than restoring hunger/thirst. For example, food with temporary stat buffers or positive/negative AlterationEffects dependent on the food quality. All this could go into a new module (FancyCooking).
Recent Changes:
Added integration with InGameHelp for all the Cooking processes. Also added documentation to all of the classes.

I'm open to any suggestions you may have.

Patrick Wang

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This seems like a great idea which is why I am planning to claim the task of Designing a test plan for this module in GCI. However, I have never design a test plan before so I am wondering if you have any advice or recommend any articles i should look into etc. before I do any of these test plans. i also do intend to do other test plans so this would be very helpful. Thanks


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Belated hey @Patrick Wang :)

Test plans are a new experiment for Terasology, there isn't much to formally research. Pretty much the GCI task (and wiki page) covers what ideas I had.

For cooking specifically it would be taking stock of which actual food items and especially recipes we have in the module, then running the game and making sure each recipe functions (get a portable cooking station and ingredients from the game console, attempt to cook everything). Right now though another food item or recipe is being added every day or sometimes several in a day, so it would be hard to make a complete test plan until it quiets down some. Other modules are less in flux right now and might be better for initial test plan experimenting.