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Project Details: https://trello.com/b/zXXWo0yn/gsoc-2021-destsol
Proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12KnOR3guxP6OKnrY9TX_29dOwVF7fi1Paa3bJNJS4qo/edit?usp=sharing

Quick Summary:
This project aims to create a modular framework for world generation in Destination: Sol. This will allow more flexibility in the way the world can be generated. Instead of the current system which has very few options for world generation, this project will lay the foundation for a system which can support many options.


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Weekly Update:

In the past week, I have worked on setting up a framework of classes which will compose the Destination: Sol world-gen. These main class I worked on is the WorldBuilder class, which will drive various Generator classes which create the world. I also set up a hierarchy of abstract Generator classes which can be extended to make different types of Generators, such as PlanetGenerator, MazeGenerator, and FeatureGenerator.

Meeting Moments:

Points Discussed:
  • Unit testing in Destination: Sol
  • Architecture for SolSystem features
  • Developing a diagram to map out above architecture
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