Dungeon Keeper Gold free through Sunday

Mike Kienenberger

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Now's your chance to legally own and play one of the influences for Terasology.

Dungeon Keeper Gold is being given away for free through Sunday, February 16 at 10:59 GMT by GOG.com. No doubt they using the mobile version release news to attract more customers.


This version is updated to run on modern windows and mac systems, DRM free, and always available for re-download from their servers, so even if you already own the game, it's worth picking up. And you get both the Windows and Mac versions.

They've redirected the product page to the sale, no doubt to get search engines to index the sale news faster, but you can at least get to the text of the older product page from here:


DK2 is also on sale for a couple of bucks more.

EDIT: If you already own the game, and click on the free button, you will be sent a code to gift Dungeon Keeper to someone else at at future point.


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IN! I've got both I and II but they don't work off ancient machines. Fully working versions? Sweet!

And yeah the mobile version .... I might have some review stuff on that sometime ... ;)

Thanks for the catch! I'll note this elsewhere as well :D