Suggested Dynamically Generating Characters for Glyph-Heavy Languages (i.e. Korean, Chinese, etc.)

J Young Kim

New Member
Currently, a problem with adding languages that are glyph-heavy is that there are too many permutations to cover. See this thread for the issue.

Since I'm familiar with Korean the most, I'll explain it in terms of Korean.

In Korean, each character has a "formula": one consonant, one vowel, and an option of adding a "final consonant".

The following is the list of consonants and vowels:

The following is the list of final consonants that are not part of the consonants list (look at where the final consonants should be: rather than one consonant, there are special cases where the final consonant has two consonants combined):

Now, the following statement regards a theory I have on how to make Korean support possible.

To output each Korean character to the screen, each character can be split into the three parts (or two if the final consonant does not exist). After obtaining the necessary components from the font texture sheet, a mold can be used to place each component in its rightful area. Then the character can be outputted.

*If there are more plausible methods of adding glyph-heavy languages without excessive amounts of texture-sheets, this suggestions thread will be updated