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Edit: Archived as complete! Alpha and engine v1.0.0 have been released.

This is a follow-up / replacement for the old Alpha thread. Goal is releasing engine at v1.0.0 around Xmas / year end, and officially go Alpha instead of Pre-Alpha, then start spreading the word finally. With engine at v1.0.0 we'd go full on SemVer and pledge to keep from breaking backwards compatibility for modules to exposed parts of the engine until v2.0.0 (maybe done in a year or so? Could transition us into overall Beta?). So essentially we'd be firming up a modding API for others to build on.

Modules would still be on their own as far as SemVer / completion goes. Ideally we'd review a bunch and mark those that are good enough as v1.0.0 themselves, keeping as much backwards compatibility as we can.

I put a v1.0.0 milestone on GitHub that has a lot of stuff we could try to finish by then to be as ready as possible, but very little if anything is critical. I marked a few maybes as blockers, but that's more to review if any of them would break backwards compatibility, I somewhat doubt it. Would be good to get them marked as non-critical or fixed in any case.
  • #1690 - Issue with giving a multiplayer client non-block items coming from modules.
  • #1474 - Optional parameters in commands. Included mostly since it seemed that could be a fundamental change to commands.
  • #1451 - Timer types - world, game, variants. Again seems a fairly fundamental topic.
  • #1441 - spawnPrefab - default to running on authority only? Might be partially out of date but curious for testing / tweaking
  • #1304 - Pathfinding mobs able to cause crashes when their containing chunks unload. Related to maybe fleshing out behavior further when something unloads (if we haven't already fixed this)
  • #1079 - issue with copying entities in a networking context. May have been fixed?
The rest of the issues I'm pretty sure we can live without, but the more we fix the better :) They're often relatively simply bugs / changes, along with a bunch of documentation and a few quirkier topics. Would appreciate any added eyes on providing details on the issues and fixes if able / appropriate.

Also, if anybody can think of other critical issues / blockers / things not covered in the milestone please post!

Wanted to post this as a central thread so I can start referencing it when prodding people individually for help. Probably more details later too but I'm trying to stay relatively brief - less is more and all that :)

Edit: I might start adding some more code bounties in relation to this, even substantial ones if it'll help bring back an inactive contributor or two. I figure that's fine but just in case anybody has concerns let me know!
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