Featured February play test and dev sessions - GSOC up next!


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Next scheduled play test is in about 24 hours (noon eastern time Saturday), although it might be more of an on-and-off type thing for the weekend when there's activity and testing interest.

In addition I'd like to run a few dev discussion sessions like we did back during the holidays as they worked out quite nicely. There's a new Doodle poll with options for the weekend, whichever gets picked for which topic will depend on indicated availability. Topics:
  • Architecture - checking in with @Immortius on how the work on Gestalt is going, and some community review of the Architecture Arc overall
  • Gameplay - somewhat of a follow-up to the Holiday Hackathon - what's next in gameplay and who is up for helping? Can we throw more stuff at the Gameplay Template To Rule Them All board in Trello? I'm hoping to coordinate this with @jellysnake as a long-term content centric contributor
  • GSOC - org apps are due in about a week, with the main thing remaining being a conversion from our old GSOC ideas wiki page to a new board in Trello. So far I've just thrown some new spur of the moment type ideas into Trello, and have some thoughts on how to organize it. But more feedback and ideas from others plus some fishing for who might be interested in mentoring what would be appreciated :)


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Hm, I don't see any other play testers on Discord. Is the playtesting still happening?