First sort of big overhaul


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
I've gotten the Android facade working in a separate repo you can fetch from the main repo Terasology style via Gradle. I did the GWT (HTML) Facade as well but haven't tested it - it may have never been fully functional and stable.


Add the Android facade to the main project simply with "gradlew fetchAndroid" then "gradlew idea" to get it hooked up. Still a few more steps to then tweak the Android SDK, add the artifact entry, create the run config, and so on.

The Android and GWT facades live in their own Git roots, again just like some of the Terasology stuff. Seems to work :)

Last thing to figure out is the .exe which isn't happy about launching with all the changes, I think primarily from the jars changing a bunch (more of them and different names)