Suggested Formal Description of "Annoying Little Brother" NPC

Natural Behaviour:
On Land: Annoying Little Brother randomly spawns, and freely roams around. It keeps breaking random blocks and turns grass into dirt. Makes everything messy.
On Water: An annoying little brother barely knows how to swim. He will probably vigorously swim causing him to lose health. If he doesn't get to land within one minute, he dies.
In the night: A little brother is very scared in the night, and digs up a cave and hides there.

Situational Behaviour:
Annoying: When within 10 blocks of a player, he randomly hits you every now and then, makes everything messy, and keeps following the player for the rest of his life.
Getting Yelled At: When the annoying little brother gets yelled at(punched) by the player, he either goes into a tantrum and ruins everything and steals random items from the players inventory, which has an 80% chance of happening, or stop being annoying for 10 real minutes which has a 20% chance of happening.
Seeing something he wants: When an annoying little brother sees something he likes(eg, some grass), he keeps punching the player and asks him to give him the thing he likes. The item could even be an item that the player is holding in his hand.
Finding other annoying little brothers: When the annoying little brother finds others like him, he will start trying to be cool by saying things like "boooy! you are sooo dumb!" and other stupid stuff like that.
Fighting: If other annoying brothers start roasting an annoying little brother, by saying mean things, the victim starts to rage and fights the other annoying brothers. The chance of this happening when two annoying brothers meet is 5%.
Friendship: If an annoying brother gets friends with another annoying brother(there is a 50% chance of this happening when an annoying brother says stupid things to another), they together annoy the player, which makes it harder for the player to manage the annoying brothers.

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