Suggested Formal description of the platypus AI

Natural Behavior
Swimming -
The platypus is a semi-aquatic creature. It spends most of it's time in the water, head swiveling from side to side. They move their heads move like this because they have electrical receptors in their bills that they use the detect prey; almost like a radar scanner, hence the sweeping movement.
Breathing - Platypus are mammals, meaning they have to breathe air. After about 140 seconds, the platypus must stick his bill above the surface for air
Hunting - Platypus are always hunting. They do so by turning over rocks with their bills at the bottom of the lake or river, or by doing the same along the river bank or lake shore. Platypus are nocturnal and only hunt in and around water (approx. 1-3 blocks outside the river/lake).
Growing - Terasology platypus will grow for 5 days before reaching adulthood.

Situational Behavior
Fleeing -
If a player comes within 5 blocks of a platypus, the platypus will dive to the bottom and swim away at a clip slightly faster than the player. If awakened by the player from being hit or being bumped by the player or a predator, the platypus will attempt to get to water as fast as it can so it can swim away. Platypus are very slow on land. If the predator attempts of follow the platypus, it will lash out with one of it's back feet which have a poison barb in them.
Mating - If two platypus of the opposite sex who have not mated yet come within 5 blocks of each other in the Spring (platypus mating season), they will mate. IRL platypus gestation is 10-14 days, so we'll call that 5-7 Terasology days. After that period, the female platypus will lay 1-3 eggs an incubate them by laying on them for an additional 5 days. After this, the baby platypus hatch and begin the growth cycle as detailed above. Until they are full grown, they will follow their mother, who will continue her normal hunting.
Socializing - Platypus are not very social animals outside of mating. Multiple male and female platypus may live in the same stretch of water without fighting, with the exception noted below.
Fighting - If two or more males sense the same female within 5 seconds of each other during mating season they will begin to fight. Each male will attempt to pin another male down so he can scratch him with his poison barb.
Pursuing A Fish - If the platypus senses a prey animal (any fish smaller than itself) within 3 blocks, it will lock on to the electrical signals of said fish and follow it until it catches it. If the platypus must come up for air while hunting, it will resume hunting the fish in the direction the platypus sensed last.
Sleeping - Platypus have some of the deepest sleep of all mammals. They have more REM cycles than humans, so they won't wake up if a player comes near. Platypus sleep in burrows near the river, which they create. These burrow are diagonal tunnels anywhere from 5-20 blocks deep. Platypus sleep for the entire day, awakening at dusk and going to sleep at dawn.

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