GCI 2018 - My First GCI Experience with Terasology


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Hello, everyone. My name is Tanadol Deachprapakorn aka. putawan-de and putawanDE on Github. I'm from Thailand. This thread is going to be about my first Google Code-in experience with Terasology which I would like to share with you all.

Discovered Google Code-in and Terasology

This was my first Google Code-in experience and sadly my last (I am now 17). I discovered this about a month before GCI started. I was reading some blogs in Medium and I found Google Code-in. I looked into it. And I found that MovingBlocks organisation was really interesting, and since it developed games, I thought this might be a good learning source about game design and could give me some inspiration and productive things to do. Back then, I had no idea about working in open-source projects, working with Git and Java. I started learning those things. I started learning Java a few weeks before GCI started. I used to program in C#, so I didn't really have any problems. I was looking forward to the start of GCI. I was really excited.

Experience with Google Code-in, Tasks, Terasology

I chose some tasks to work on. I had some problems, but the mentors helped me and guided me so much. Thank you to them. Some tasks that I chose to work on introduced me brand new things, like Procedural Generation, Entity and Event System, Git. They were really interesting. It was quite a brand new experience. I found this experience to be fascinating. When, I got back home from school, I would go straight to my computer for GCI. As for the tasks, I finished almost all of my tasks but a few I left abandoned because they were too advance for me - I was really new to this - and I thought I spent too much time doing them - like 1 week passed and I had nothing - so I started doing another task (I'm sorry). My favourite task was to create an alternate dimension (another world) to the world of Terasology, like Nether in Minecraft. I did a vibrant world, an "Exoplanet" which has different terrain and exotic plants to the normal world of Terasology. It's an alien and beautiful world(I think). I enjoyed doing some arts and designing. Another task that I like was "Improve world generation tutorial: noise". Honestly before doing this task, I had little idea about the noise. I did some researches from various sources in order to find out more and to do this task. I learned a ton and I put it a lot of details and information into the tutorial. But I had a problem, it was that I did not arrange the information properly and also some grammar issues. The mentors helped and guided me about the tutorial, arranging, explanation and grammars. Thank you for being patient with me. This task definitely taught me a lot about Noise, Procedural Generation, Documentation, and Wiki in Github. It taught me a lot and that's why I like it.

I have to say that the time during GCI was the most productive time of this year. Overall, I've learned a lot and had an amazing experience. I wish I knew about this before and I wish I was younger. Thank you to all mentors and students who helped me through out the course of GCI. Working with this organisation is amazing.

Thank you and good luck to all of you.
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