Featured GCI starts soon, play test Dec 2nd using Alpha 9, BTM Friday, and we'll be at Ludicious 2018!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
We got into Google Code-In again this year and have more mentors and higher expectations than last year - it should be a blast, and a whirlwind of activity! If anybody already familiar with our code and community wants to volunteer as a mentor let me know. Otherwise just hang out on IRC and there will be plenty of questions!

The program opens up to students Tuesday November 28th and just a few days later we'll have our December play test, on Saturday the 2nd at noon eastern time. Our expectation is that we'll release Alpha 9 shortly before GCI starts and use that build.

Over this coming weekend is the Minecraft-convention-inside-Minecraft "BTM" which runs on occasion (starts Friday), this time I guess because some official MC event is happening soon ;) I've personally done a panel at a previous one and aim to do so again this time, Sunday at 1 pm eastern to be exact. BTM is essentially MC modders showing off their stuff and discussing related topics so mine is on Terasology and modding concepts - what could we offer by being fully open source that is a struggle in MC, for instance.

A bit further down the road around when GCI ends we have something else interesting on the horizon: There will be a Terasology presence at the game dev conference Ludicious in Zurich Switzerland (Jan 18-21)! If that seems somewhat random then let me add in that I've been meaning to visit family in Denmark during winter for some time now (also planning to visit an outdoor museum that we're making GCI build tasks for!) and it turned out there was an event of interest around that time in central Europe. Seemed like a cool option to try meeting more people. The GSOC Mentor Summit was awesome with just 4 of us, so maybe this will be kinda like that but in Europe :)

We have an actual booth at the conference, although it is more of a simple standing station to introduce people to Terasology. There should be a few of us present and I'll do a brief talk on the main stage at one point. The focus of the conference is spreading awareness of Swiss game developer shops and devs themselves, most of it proprietary shops, but we'll be representing open source in general and the benefits it can bring to all those present - a great way to break into the industry is working on an open source project in your spare time. Hey, we have one of those!

So if anybody could be in the area around that time come on by! Although keep in mind the main conference requires tickets. We might be able to get a promo code to offer some sort of early/earlier bird pricing, or meet up near the venue at some point. Reach out to me if interested :)