Intro gerbilOFdoom - looking around

  • Name: Bryson 'gerbilOFdoom' Zimmerman
  • Social: You can find me on github, although that isn't exactly spectacular. I program for fun and have a tendency to lose interest, especially when life gets busy.
  • From: Michigan
  • Skills / Tools: I'm a web developer and web server administrator by trade
  • Found via: I found Terasology in Github Showcase
  • Interests: My primary interest is setting up a world in which the villagers do more than walk around and grunt as in Minecraft. Specifically, I'd like to see them expanding villages, strip mining areas, and running farms so the player can instead focus on controlling villages and exploring. The player being me - I know that many people have other interests.
  • Extra: I'm on Discord and highly recommend it, so that's a good way to contact me if not by email


Project Lead and Community Wizard
Belated welcome @gerbilOFdoom ! :)

Your interest is shared by plenty of us - have you checked out the DynamicCities module? There is some existing market simulation that could be expanded into other types of simulation, including effecting the growth of the city more. Could also involve setting up trade routes with other cities, founding new cities, and certainly managing farms and such :gooey:

One of our Google Summer of Code projects introduces a new entity scope to help simulation just like this. You can read an intro for the project and go through the rather sizable forum thread :)