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The Glacynn

Design Notes
  • This world is a portion of what is known as the planet Glacynn. Given the planet's enormous size, the world is seemingly endless to one player. Glacynn's ground is layered in the glass, although there are signs of dirt around ten meters deep. The world is rather flat, and the ground is riddled with holes from where the Cylin birds have pecked through. Some holes are deep enough to reveal the dirt, and small flowers grow in these glass pockets.
  • There is a single large stone mountain in the world that is also encased in glass, though the stone is located only few meters below the glass. There is an open cave that is about 30 meters high from the base of the mountain that contains a large water pool. This water pool is the world's only source of water above ground that hasn't been pecked to the surface by the Cylin. All other water sources were evaporated, however, the cave's entrance had been blocked by large rocks during the planet's transformation, which preserved the pool. The Cylin's have since unblocked the cave entrance, though there are two large stone blocks on each side of the entrance that they couldn't move.
  • The trees are encased in a layer glass, though there are holes where the planet's only fauna, the Cylin birds, have pecked through. The birds are most commonly found near the mountain (in order to access the water pool), though smaller colonies are scattered around the planet where they found water springs that weren't deep underground.
  • The Cylin birds are rather intelligent and pecked the glass around these springs to create small ponds that are between 10-20 meters below the planet's surface. Due to being so far underground, dirt is also accessible, so these ponds are lined with dirt, where the higher dirt blocks are growing flowers.
  • Male Cylins are coloured dark blue with a single light blue stripe across their wings, whereas female Cylins are light blue with a single white stripe across their wings. The average wingspan of both gendered Cylins is 3-4 feet. Baby Cylins has a wingspan of 30cm and are able to fly about 1 week from being hatched. Cylins have a triangular black beak that is about six inches long at full length. Their talons are black with three toes, resembling Earth's eagles.
  • Due to the lack of surface water, there is only a light rainfall in the world every few decades.
Story Notes
  • The creation of the Glacynn was a mistake by the wizards of Teras. The wizards were getting tired of burning sand every time they needed glass, so they wanted to create a planet-sized sphere made of glass. This way, every time that they needed glass, they could cut it off the planet.
  • The fire and sand needed for this project were collected over the course of a year. When it finally came time to burn the sand in outer space, unbeknownst to the wizards, a giant flat planet called Cynn was caught in the center of the collision. The planet was 100 times smaller than the fire and sand balls that the wizards were controlling but were three times as large as the planet that the wizards were currently living on. Cynn had been a planet full of life, where trees, flowers and a species of bird called Cylins had thrived.
  • As the sand melted into the glass around Cynn, the planet began to change. A surface of glass-encased the planet. The ground became buried in a thick glass layer. Its trees survived the burn and became encrusted in glass, though all its flowers at the time had been too weak and had burned up. The Cylins were also encased in the glass during the collision, but their beaks were strong enough to peck through to escape their cages.
  • Miraculously, the planet of Cynn had not only survived but had been transformed. The wizards visited the planet and were in awe of its crystal-like beauty. They decided that instead of harvesting glass off of this planet, that they would create a new glass resource, this time making sure that no planet got between their projectiles. They renamed Cynn to Glacynn to acknowledge the planet's glass transformation and cast the planet away from Teras so that it could thrive elsewhere in the universe.
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