GSoC 2018 - Frameworks and content


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Hello! In this thread, I will be keeping you up to date on progress with the frameworks/content project for Terasology.

Project summary

Summary: The initial plan of realizing the plan to add new frameworks and content to Terasology was to provide them as a way to power a sandbox-themed, survival-esque gameplay template for others to extend on. Due to engine limitations at this time, the plans have shifted somewhat, as not all parts of my initial vision could be realized in the engine as-is, and the time necessary to implement missing functionality would far outgrow the duration of GSoC. Frameworks and content will remain the focus of the project, however - the primary "target" is to develop a complete "virtual machine computer" system in Terasology while evaluating existing frameworks and/or adding new ones, with some secondary "targets" to come.
Mentors: Cervator, michaelpollind, SkySom, josharias
Student: Adrian "asie" Siekierka

Where to find me

IRC : asiekierka, #terasology @ Freenode
Slack : asie, #gsoc-frameworks
GitHub : asiekierka (repository TBD)

Project updates

GitHub Project Board : Here!
Blog : For the time being, in this thread, as I don't really have a separate blog that is sufficiently well-maintained at this time. I will be providing major updates at a rate of no less than one per week (as part of the report) - that is, if something important/interesting shows up, a post will be added outside of the usual report.
Stream : If circumstances allow, I hope to occassionally stream my development live on my Twitch account. I will also try to be available to answer questions there, though development can be focus-intensive!
Playtests : As the computer system is being developed in a way which makes it embeddable for other JVM games in addition to Terasology, it is likely it will miss the June playtest. However, I hope to have something playable for the July and August playtests!