GSoC Proposal Draft - Module Showcase Website


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So I've written a couple of draft for the launcher on how I'd approach the following idea, any feedback is appreciated.
The proposal is 9 pages so a TL;DR -
  • A bunch of scripts that will scrape and keep on updating the data and store in under a single repository.
  • Another script to fetch the indexed data into formatted files that will be used by static site generator to serve the website.
  • The site will have other features like search option, sorting option, submitting your own module blah...blah...blah
First Draft : Link

A lot of new ideas and methods to approach the project were later discussed on Discord and this gave birth to the second draft.

Second Draft [ Current - WIP ] : Link

The drafts were shared earlier on Discord, forgot about posting it on the forum. :speechless:


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Went through it again, still loving those tables :D

I think there might be some outdated parts in based on recent discussion and things moving into stretch goals. As a results parts of the timeline seem off, which in turn makes me wonder why the timeline seems able to get through what I predict would be a substantial project so easily. Maybe I'm just underestimating you, but lets see how it looks fully updated and maybe with a few more details :thumbsup: