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We have a backlog thread for listing what we haven't done yet. Seems fair to counter that with a thread listing what we used to have but that doesn't work anymore ;)

This in mainly to not forget some of the things that might just be broken and could be fixed up. Or just remember some of the crazy days of old. I'll try to add more detail (or anybody who remembers feel free!) as I get time and remember stuff. Some you might have to Google ;)
  • LSD mode. Graphic bug by @begla long ago - made the screen look totally awesome man ... I think there's a screenie on FB or something
  • Miniaturizer. Silly scissors icon that didn't work for ages making people confused. When it worked (pre-entity system? I forget) it allowed you to click one block then another to make a selection, and a third click would create a tiny chunk floating in space and turning slowly, complete with the normal world you just copy pasted. Original goal was making new blocks out of a larger sculpture, which we should still do one day (these objects were non-interactable)
  • Terrain copy paster. I don't even remember when we had this or how it worked. But it did! Related to the miniaturizer somehow
  • Slowly spinning block representation UI elements. Part of the very first UI system even predating our toolbars. Selected a block with numbers or mouse wheel you could then place in the world. Ooooh spinny.
  • First gen Gelatinous Cubes. Bit of a rendering aberration, these were created out of a proto-slime @begla had in Blockmania back when we met. They weren't enabled at the time (the slimes, or proto-Gooeys), first thing I ever figured out how to enable/fix, woo! Later they were made a little neater since we were still using straight up OpenGL/LWJGL everywhere and our mascot @Gooey was born. Kind of bad that we've left our mascot broken so long! No Jamaica parties :(
  • The poor fence gate. Somebody have mercy and bring this back already :)
  • Indestructible portal block. Okay, nobody bring that purple destroyer of worlds back. My bad ;)
  • Legacy Perlin worlds - oh boy those overhangs. Need them back! There is a thread trying to bring it back feature by feature. Alternatively or additionally we can probably drop the old generator back in just without the trees and at least the terrain should work.
  • Legacy crafting. It might not be the ultimate system for doing everything in but it had its charm. There are related tweaks that might help make it neater yet and @Adeon has talked about recovering it eventually. @Mike Kienenberger was close to doing so too :)
  • Water that propagates. Whoops, yeah, that probably shouldn't have been left broken so long. We even had finite water working based on cellular automata at one point! Save us @DizzyDragon-Wan Kanobi you're our only hope!

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I don't know what exactly the pre-facet worlds were like, but at least some of those worldgen features are back now, as are flowing liquids.