Happy 2015! And stable 46


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
This is a fairly small and quick one, mainly as a checkpoint before merging some refactoring, and to get some module lineup changes in. As a reminder modules aren't bundled via the launcher downloads, but you can get them from the GitHub release or direct from Jenkins.

Primarily it includes @Josharias' new module series replacing TerraTech, with full journal integration giving you hints on what to do in-game.
  • JoshariasSurvival - the direct replacement gameplay template, survival style with machines and such, bit "easier" than Throughout the Ages which is more of a difficult survival style a la TerraFirmaCraft
  • ItemRendering - new graphic lib to support rendering items intelligently on top of workstations and such, so you can see more exactly what you're working on. Very neat potential, use it!
  • Machines - was there before, contains the machiny bits
  • ManualLabor - focused on, well, manual labor! Digging and chopping and so forth
  • SubstanceMatters - another lib, this one to dynamically letting different substances affect compatible items, like tools colored to fit the material they were made from
  • Other shared modules include: Block Networks, CustomOreGen, Durability, Fluid, Journal, OreGeneration, Workstation. JS hasn't quite caught up with TtA's module count, but it is getting there! There is a new one not yet bundled focused on outright industry.
Other changes:
  • Players can now damage each other, although pretty slowly. You can also damage and eventually kill deer from the new WildAnimals module, although not much happens yet. But solid groundwork for later combat, yay! Thanks to @Florian for that one and some related behavior tree & animation logic work :)
  • The new WildAnimals module itself is pretty cool, and contains our first real ambient wandering creature, a really nice looking animated deer by @glasz - check it out with "spawnPrefab deer" in the console (over and over, till you have a million bucks!)
  • Throughout The Ages has a renamed single gameplay template rather than the two previous (WoodAndStone + CopperAndBronze)
  • MarkovChains is a new lib module providing random number stuff
  • Some assorted performance improvements by @Marcin Sciesinski and world tweaks by @msteiger
  • Refactoring of our somewhat messy rendering system by @manu3d who is documenting and cleaning up all the 3D wizardly things
  • The LandOfTerra module has been excluded from the main lineup temporarily while @Esereja is refactoring out some world gen into a separate module
And just to cram this in here again: Josharias' tutorial video for the manual labor module