Happy goo year!


Let the year that is to come
be better than any past one.
Let new memories you get
be only of things you don't want to forget.

Make Tera get of modules a lot,
each having its own sweet spot,
in a story winding through it all.
Make the development never stall,
and APIs be clean for use,
so we might light the fuse,
bringing in new people to play.
Let everything be this way.

For DestSol, I wish multiplayer,
and some keen bug-slayer,
and architect who so makes it
like game developers like it,
of entities, components ans systems solely,
so we don't feel lonely,
making our little game.

To you, MovingBlocks,
I wish many new students to come,
and GSOC projects more than one,
that help you will greatly.
And to contributors that make you stately,
I wish lots of funny side-projects,
without too many defects,
that will teach them lot,
be it here or on neighbor plot.

And to those who live to Tera land far as well near,
Gooey wishes you a Happy New Year!
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