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  • Name: Aishcharya Kahandawala
  • Social:
  • From: Software Engineering undergrad living in Sri Lanka
  • Skills / Tools: I've got a fair working knowledge of Java, C++, and Python, and good experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. Have worked with OpenGL before (FreeGLUT, to be specific). Familiar with Unity and Construct 2. Have used Blender, although I wouldn't say it's my strongest area.
  • Found via: GSOC 2016's old organisations page
  • Interests: I'm really interested in contributing to an open-source game project like Terasology. Have been an avid Minecraft player, and would love to contribute to the same kind of game. I also want to work on Terasology for GSOC this year, if all goes well.
  • Extra: This is all pretty overwhelming. This is the first project of this scale I've worked on, others being small projects with about two to three personal or small projects on which I've worked alone. I hope to be able to contribute as soon as possible and familiarise myself with this project.
In short, happy to be here.

J Young Kim

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Welcome to Terasology! We hope you enjoy working with our community! If you get the chance, check out the IRC! We have a helpful community willing aid anyone who'd like to help build Terasology :D