Intro Hello friends: Brandon Amdur - GSOC


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  • Name: Brandon "branflake" Amdur
  • Social: (don't actually have any commits here, was previously using bitbucket's private repo)
  • From: Cleveland, Ohio. Currently a Freshman studying computer science at The Ohio State University
  • Skills / Tools: I have written primarily with Java but have used Visual Basic .NET, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Matlab, Git, Ruby on Rails with Capybara-webkit for TDD, some XML, LibGDX Java Game Library, Most IDEs
  • Found via: GSOC
  • Interests: I was a huge Minecraft player several years ago and though I haven't had time to game, I still love gaming and creating games. I started modding Star Wars Battlefront when I was young and this later progressed to basic Minecraft modding. As Terasology seems similar, it would be very cool to work with.

    I also spent several months working on a cross-platform mobile game using LibGDX but never finished.
  • Terasology Interests:
    I was first introduced to Terasology through GSOC so I don't know much about it and what could be improved, but skimming over the project ideas I am interested in most of them.

    I don't have much experience working in a 3D game environment but I absolutely love a challenge and would really be willing to work on anything.

    I've worked with Integration Testing before and know how crucial it is for faster development and bug prevention and would be interested to learn more about the testing needs of this project. Additionally, I feel I could handle some of the issue reporting improvements needed.

    My true interests, however, are regarding actual development of game related features, and would love to get involved with any such tasks, perhaps the Physics-based combat system.

    Some next steps would be much appreciated, though I won't have much time to devote until the summer.
  • Extra: Besides programming my other passion is weight training! Absolutely love lifting and personal training/teaching others how to lift. Eventually want to get more involved in powerlifting.


Welcome bamdur. First step is really getting a developer environment setup, and also saying hi in IRC! After that it's getting to know the codebase and working on tiny issues until you understand it to take on some of the bigger issues!


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