Intro Hello from harsithr, GCI Terasology community

  • Name: - Hi Terasology community. I'm harsithr, a fourteen year old programmer, who has a flair for intensive programming, problem solving and advanced software developer.
  • Social:As a tech savy teenager I've updated my profile on Twitter and GitHub. Please feel free to contact me anytime.
    GitHub -
  • From: I'm from India
  • Skills / Tools: As a novice software developer I've been specializing in Javascript and nodejs for the past 1 year and have made my own app 'News60" or the Android Playstore using GitHub(App yet to be loaded due to technical bugs)
  • Found via: I first came across Terasology when I had enrolled for GCI. From them I had been participating in active mod development.
  • Interests: Earlier I had worked with Javascript game engines and Unity 3D. A Java Game Engine is new, but cool.
  • Extra: Have fun coding. Enjoy the thrill of problem solving. Bugs are the stepping stones for a perfect build.
  • Suggestions: (Category: Code + UI) Java has becoming a famous programming language all these years. But young programmers who have a lot of creative ideas going around in their heads find it a bit difficult to grasp the programming logic in java and the modding concepts. So their ideas for interesting ideas go waste. One of my friend who is 13 is an avid mine craft player but is unable to make mods and has given up on his venture. After looking into several GitHub repositories I came across the NUI Repo. So I decided that a UI based modding system must be created which will allow drag and dropping of your elements and easy application of prefabs. It will be like Maya 3D or Unity where we can drag and drop elements to make our environment and publish t for other users to embed in their games.
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Hi @harsithr and welcome to the community, thank you for the nice intro :)

Couple comments
  • The idea with the GitHub and Twitter links is to link to your profile page, so we can actually find you :D Like I'm
  • Your suggestion is a little vague. A GUI for making mods? The whole game client could fit that description :)
Maybe you mean something like a block maker utility, so a player could just enter a name, drop in an image that would be auto-resized with a set background color made transparent if needed? With it bundling together the needed bits for a new module. Maybe something like that could exist, akin to how we now have a UI editor in-game that can create .ui files via arranging elements in a tree. That would probably also fit the "UI" category more than "Code" :)