Intro Hello, I am devvorb.

  • Name: _Devvorb
  • Social: _Devvorb(
  • From: _Switzerland,a very nice country with to many mountains and not enough video game creators.
  • Skills / Tools: _I have worked a little with JS and Csharp and by now am pretty good at scratch and am a big fan of minecraft.
  • Found via: _My dad(he's pretty cool)
  • Interests: _Teraslogy intrests me because i like minecraft and desire t become video game maker. I would like to see if i could create some better sounds for terasology.(no garantee due to school taking up time)


Federal Gooey of Investigation
Hi @devvorb welcome! Feel free to look around and ask any questions you might have in our chat :)

We mainly use Java (not Javascript) so you would probably need some adjustment, but your programming background would certainly help.

Tell your dad I say hi!