Intro Hello, I am Stefan!

  • Name: Stefan 'Argon977' Loata
  • Social: GitHub: Mail:
  • From: I was born and grown in Italy (Rome) and now I am living in the Netherlands (Studying in a Liberal Arts and Sciences College of the Utrecht University).
  • Skills / Tools: I am in my Second Semester and I am planning to Major in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, trying possibly to get a Minor in Art History. I am working with Java, MySQL (and NoSQL), Mathematica (Wolfram) and Latex. On my own, I got a basic understanding of Python, Ruby and CSS/HTML.
  • Found via: Google Summer of Code.
  • Interests: I am really interested in improving my skills in Computer Graphics and in Physics simulations. I love Sandbox and Open World games. This would be the first time I work on a so large scale project but I am really willing to learn and I will have a lot of time to dedicate to it during the summer. I have just started looking at it, cause I had to prepare various Midterms.
  • Extra: I enjoy painting and playing the piano.


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Hi @Argon977 and welcome! :)

Your are not too late yet, but make try to catch up with others that came here a few weeks earlier. For a start, have a look at the quick start guide in our wiki to get set up from source. The next step can be find some bite-sized issue from our issue tracker and get your first PR read (if you haven't already).

At the same time, you should look out for potential tasks you want to work on. Since time is not endless, I think you should focus on the one task that interests you the most and come up with a good proposal for that. We are happy to help you figure a good scope, but we need something to start from ;)

Best of luck, and have a nice weekend!