Intro Hello, I'm Sergi!


New Member
  • Name: Sergi
  • Social: Github, Discord: Sergi#4869.
  • From: Barcelona, Spain.
  • Skills / Tools: Currently on my last year of Computer Science, the languages I've handled the most are Java, Javascript (node.js) and Python. Worked with Intellij quite a bit (University and for personal projects)
  • Found via: GsoC.
  • Interests: Strong interest in game development, I played and messed around with Minecraft and its mods and loved the freedom that modding gives to a game. I'm interested in porting the advanced organic growth simulator from Python, I think I would be capable of it since I have knowledge both in Python and Java, I love when games takes into account small details when implementing systems like the growth of plants so I'd like to contribute to it.
  • Extra: I know I'm a bit late but I'd still like to submit a proposal but I hope I can make it on time!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Hi there and welcome! Yeah, just a tad late :D