Contributor Hello, this is Loonride!


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  • Name: Kir (AKA Loonride)
  • Social: GitHub:, Loonride on Discord
  • From: US
  • Skills / Tools: My hobby projects mainly involve JavaScript, NodeJS, and web development tools. I have a good amount of experience with Java, C, and C++ as well!
  • Found via: GSOC 2019
  • Interests: My biggest hobby recently has been developing multiplayer browser games. The game I'm working on right now is actually a 2D, Minecraft-inspired game! A while back, I decided to give C++ and OpenGL a try, and made a pretty simple Minecraft clone. Terasology would be a great way for me to continue my endeavor into 3D games, and to spend more time using Java. I think terrain generation would be an interesting aspect of the game to look into. I also like the idea of a project where I can try to add settings that make the game less flashy, but make the game run faster on lower-end devices (I saw some settings to that purpose like removing shadows, but I'm still curious how much further we can go to improve it).
  • Extra: I originally discovered Terasology while working on my Minecraft clone. I never really looked into it, but I immediately recognized it when I saw it on the GSOC 2019 list and thought it would be a cool project to work on.


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Welcome to the community! Great to have you. Yes please dig as deep as you like in worldgen and help the game run more readily in all the places :)