Request Help importing minetest player model/skins


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Hello, I'm trying to import the player model, texture and animations from another open source voxel game, minetest. The model is a pre-made traditionally voxel-like player character with some basic animations (idle/walk/sit/die/mine etc.). It also has a 27 pages of compatibly licensed skins: (see of admittedly varying quality.

I know that Terasology deserves a better standard for artistic quality than this, but I'm looking for quick wins to prototype a game and I think I've taken the deer model as far as it will go.

So, my problem:

I'm trying to use the MD5 exporter as detailed in this forum thread:

I'm using this .blend file from the upstream source:

Using blender 263 with the 263 version of the md5 exporter, I get the result shown in the attached image. The model is backwards, the skin is completely black in some areas, and the body parts get animated off of the body (lol). I had to triangulate the model and and scale it down as described in the forum thread. I'm too clueless to know how to determine if vertex groups are in use.

If anyone is familiar with using this plugin or troubleshooting export issues with blender, I'd really appreciate some help with or advice on exporting this model properly for use in Terasology.



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Since I need the exporter currently too, I am making it more usable. You can find my version of the MD5 exporter here:

It has a panel in the scene properties tab from which you can directly export to a terasology module. The scene name gets used as animation name.

Not sure if I fixed the bug you found already so it could suffer from the same bug. It is also a in progress version of the exporter as some optimizations regarding file size are missing.