Helping a friend with Terasology


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As part of a GCI task, I recently helped a friend set up a Terasology environment. I also helped him add a new "Marble" block to the game. The following is my report on doing so:

My friend, being a python programmer himself, was comfortable with forking and cloning the repository, and could set up the environment easily. The only doubt he had was about gradle and how it works. I recommend adding a new Wiki page which explains what Gradle is and how it is used in Terasology (or maybe adding a link to a page about Gradle). He liked the fact that you could set up the game with one simple command (gradlew).

I then helped him add a new block to the game by following the "How to create a block" tutorial. For some reason, the tutorial would not work on his system, and the block he kept receiving a block with a weird diamond-like texture. We could fix this by adding the "tiles" element to the .block file. I recommend investigating this further and updating the wiki if necessary (although it could be a problem with his system, since I have made blocks on my system before and it has worked).

A screenshot of the finished block can be found here.


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Great! :)

I had made a wiki page with more details on Gradle in the past, but then deleted it in the great purge meant to streamline and simplify the engine wiki. Gradle itself has an awesome documentation site.

There is which may not be linked well in the wiki at this point, it has a section on Gradle. Probably need to make it more visible.

Did the block not work (blockTile not found) with the .block and the .png having the exact same name? That'd be worrisome if so. Please let me know.

Glad you were able to get it all working!