Intro Hey hey hey! -Daniel

  • Name: Daniel Zhou
  • Social:
  • From: USA
  • Skills / Tools: Primarily Java. I'm also proficient with Python and R, and I know how to use LaTeX.
  • Found via: Google Summer of Code
  • Interests: Noise-based generation of distinguishable terrain features. I've always been interested in how worlds are generated during my time with Minecraft, so I'd love to learn how the unique worlds are generated in Terasology!
  • Extra: I've been lurking around for awhile, but I decided to commit to the project so I finally got around to making an intro post :). I already have a functioning source workspace on both my macbook and windows laptop and I've been going through the tutorials. I'd love to help contribute to the code base in any way I can! These weren't listed as issues in GitHub, but I was wondering if I could make these "improvements" as pull requests:
  • A save hotkey and a load hotkey - bindable keys determined by the user. When the save hotkey is pressed, a save state is created, and when the load hotkey is pressed, the game is restored to the previous save state.
  • terasology axe backward.PNG
    Not really sure whether this is an error, but I'm definitely curious why the axe is backwards. After all, it's not logical to be whacking stuff with the wooden side rather than the sharp side! Should the axe hand entity shape be flipped?
If these aren't potential improvements I could make to the code base, I'd really appreciate it if you could direct me to any beginner issues I could tackle right now.
Thanks in advance! Looking forward to interacting with you guys :)


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Heya, officially welcome! :)

The save/load thing could probably be tied to - that one is just trying to make save games safer. But an option to quick save / quick load into a dedicated quick slot or other unique slots for save games could be quite useful!

The axe and many other icons are rendering that way as the direction that the icon rendering uses flipped at one point ... naturally mostly all items after that point are drawn to look correct rendered that way ... sigh ;)


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Hej hej and welcome!

Making (lots of) PRs is perfect, we need more people with that attitude :D Your ideas also sound like a good point to start and get your hands on the code. If you find the time to fix some of the flipped icons just go ahead and correct them - I guess the main reason why they are still wrong is that everybody someone else will do it. Just make sure to have it in a different PR than the quicksave/-load work you are planning to do.

The generation of breathtaking and remarkable terrain is still one of my favorite tasks on our list - although it will be quite challenging to come up with a good proposal in that direction since we've seen a lot of interesting world generators so far. I think the last addition to the line up was ShatteredPlanes by one of last year's GSOC students. He implemented this during the bonding period and ended up working on dynamic cities and economy simulation. If you want to focus on this, we can have a chat on a possible scope ;) Otherwise, we have a lots of possibilities for you ..