Hey There ;)


New Member
  • Name: Marvin 'Kostronor'
  • Social: Mostly 'Kostronor' in all cases :D
  • From: Germany
  • Skills / Tools: Mainly Java, a bit php and other stuff. Not the designer thought... I have 10 Years of experience with programming of all sort, but i'm more the meta kinda guy :D
  • Found via: somewhat google "games like minecraft"
  • Interests: I really love to see complex crafting and lengthy progress that feels archiving. I think, minecraft lacks a crafting/progress system and i love some of the ideas floating around here.
  • Extra: Well, i've wrote some plugins for the bukkit project, nothing special thought.
That's with the template :D

I would love to contribute to Terasology and will surely find some place where i can start doing something ;)

Perhaps i first look into the ages modules and see what i can do there...


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Hi Kostronor and welcome!

Yes the Throughout the Ages series is getting pretty neat. We need to get further though, so if you have ideas to help flesh out the bronze age and beyond post away!

Do let us know if you hit any issues in setting up for coding and such. We're a friendly bunch and usually somebody will see questions on IRC after a while, if there isn't active chat going on :)