Intro Hi I'm weilin!

  • name: weilin
  • social: github:
  • From: Rutgers
  • Skill: C++, java, opengl, unity3d, ue4, computer graphic
  • interest: behavior tree, gpu based occlusion queries
I've been watching Terasology for a year! Last year I was also interested in behavior tree task but since it was the most popular task and due to some personal reasons ,finally I didn't make an proposal. This year it seems there is still some work to do to improve the AI system and in the past year I make a lot of preparations !

1.I implement a Event based behavior Tree planner in Unity3d. Here is an introduction : Watch the video and read document if you are interested! Maybe I can implement the same thing for Terasology!

2.I also interested in gpu based occlusion queries. I used occlusion culling in Unity3d to reduce drawcall. If I'm not mistaken,the basic idea is don't render the objects that is hidden by other objects. For example, the car behind a building should not be rendered since the player can't see the car. I have basic knowledge of computer graphics and implement a software rasterizer renderer several months before Hope I can work on this task !


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Hey there nice to meet you on IRC a little earlier! :)

More work for the behavior trees would be awesome! Rendering could also need more helpers but poor @manu3d is getting swamped with students already :D