Intro Hi! Leeo is comming!


New Member
  • Name: "Hyuno Lee","Leeo"
  • Social: GitHub : GMail :
  • From: Seoul from South Korea
  • Skills / Tools: language : C, JAVA, Python(major is computer science) / Tools : Eclipse, IntelliJ
  • Found via: GSoC
  • Interests: When I developed minecraft plugin, I feel limitation of utility. So I want to contribute to Opensource project. Terasology looks so attractive. I'm interested in the functional inconvenience of users.
    Also analysis of user behavior in game for example, I want to know which block is most preferred to build house.
  • Extra:
    I have managed my own minecraft server and webpage.
    Mypage : MineCraft Page:
    I have developed minecraft plugins. Of course, it applies to my server.
    Minecraft server :


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Welcome! Just saw you on IRC briefly :)

Have you looked at our GSOC ideas page to get an idea of whether you'd like to work on one of those as a GSOC proposal? Have you gotten a workspace running the game from source yet?