Intro Hi this is Cady!


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  • Name: Cady
  • Social: github:
    Facebook: Ziqing (Cady) Zhou
  • From: I am Chinese, but currently a freshman major in ECE/CS at Duke University in the US
  • Skills / Tools: Native in Java, but have also written many python codes. Still stay on "reading" level for other languages;
    Sensitive to colors but cannot deal with shapes;
    Was the head coder of high school robotics team;
    Have experiences with iOS&Android but not a huge fan of software development;
    Currently working on a website with React&Ruby on Rails
  • Found via: GSoC '19 yay
  • Interests: Minecraft fan :> I have no game development experiences, but that is also why I want to contribute to this project! I am still setting up the environment and playing around with the game, but I think I will be pretty open to everything technical.
  • Extra: Thank you for all the help given to starters! Also those logo blocks are soooo cute!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Welcome! Yay GSOC! :)

Thanks for your kind words! Hop on Discord and say hi sometime, if you haven't already (can be hard to keep track of all the names). Let us know if you have questions!