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  • Name: Suraj Hande
  • Social: IRC: suraj(freenode) github: twitter: @_surajhande
  • From:Hyderabad, India
  • Skills / Tools: (Skills)mostly java(oracle certified), C/C++ and python. (Tools) Inkscape, GIMP
  • Found via: GSOC 2016
  • Interests: I'm an indie developer and I've previously made some 2D games and live wallpapers for android some of them published to playstore. I've used AndEngine LibGDX and Cocos2Dx.I always wanted to work on a 3D game but couldn't find the right opportunity. I'm really interested to work on improving the particle system for Terasology.
  • Extra: my playstore:


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Playstore - very cool! :)

We met on IRC earlier, glad to have you on board!

@Linus might have a clue or two about particles, as well as @Florian who you also met earlier. @manu3d is always in the list when it comes to 3d wizardry.

Also cool that you've got LibGDX exposure. Lots of potential for the future there! :)

Particle system GSOC issue link for reference:

Edit: Unsure if I broke your thread's name while changing the prefix. Was it always just "Hi," ?