How to Invoke terasology as a terminal command on Debian based systems


simple guide, noticed you could do this when screwing around.

0. put the folder in some place you're not going to move. i put mine the home folder and put a '.' in front of its name to hide it.
1. Create a system link to the TerasologyLauncher shell file found in the bin folder of terasology.

2. cut and paste it into the /usr/games folder. You'll need super user permissions for this.
this can be done by GUI by launcher your file manager using sudo (sudo nautilus in debian and ubuntu)

3. rename the link to be what ever command you want to have to type to invoke terasology. (i used "terasology" in this case).

4.Examine the permissions of the files found in /usr/games . using GUI or command line, now change the system link to have the same permissions.

5. if anything needs saving or closing, do so.

6. now type your chosen name into terminal to invoke it.

7. ????

8. profit.

using some more editing you could probably get an icon in GUI. probably quite easy using alacarte.


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Thanks for the steps :)

I believe the plan is for a newer version of the launcher to do all that for you. I tested a version on Windows that made a shortcut on the desktop and everything.