Intro Howdy!

  • Name: Ben Apple
  • Social: GitHub
  • From: US
  • Skills / Tools: The past ~2.5 years I have been working on webservices/authentication/single-sign-on primarily using Java and HTML 5/JavaScript/CSS. Also have recently been tinkering with the Unity game engine. In a previous life, I developed games with a multitude of technologies including Python, Objective C, Flash, Unreal, and JavaScript.
  • Found via:
  • Interests: I have a passion for developing games and a recent yearning to work on open source, so Terasology seems like a perfect fit! At the moment, I'm looking to contribute to minor bug fixes to get my open source legs. But I am also interested to contributing to entity AI and helping to bring about a vibrant ecosystem within the game.
  • Extra: I consider myself a Final Fantasy enthusiast!


Project Lead and Community Wizard
Hey there! Glad to hear from you, sorry about the late reply. Neat to see somebody found us via :) Fun fact: I mentioned us using that site at a session at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit last year ... and the author of the site spoke up saying oh he's the one who wrote that. Small world! Like 10 people in the room.

Great goals! There has been some good activity in the AI area lately as part of GSOC, so it'll be exciting to see what develops over the summer :)

Let us know if you run into any question while setting up to run from source, looking for initial issues to work on, etc.