Info dump!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Time for another information round-up!

New stable build out - summarized changes:
  • Working doors - protect yourself from the slimy tendrils of the Gooey stampede! Also means the start of multi-block objects
  • Build system updates including Checkstyle analysis thanks to mkalb
  • Major GUI overhaul (mostly behind the scenes) by miniME89
  • Console is friendly again and most blocks now can be requested in any available shape thanks to some block loading changes by Immortius - which also helps saved worlds stay compatible longer (block/shape combos aren't even assigned IDs until they're used)
  • Speaking of shapes - the world is getting neater there (try "help listShapes" in the console), you might end up sliding on slopes sometime. There's also an amusing bug to play with before it gets fixed! Also try "jumping" while you're up against a one or two high elevation change (you "climb")
  • You can now throw block items from your toolbar with 'q' ! Adeon dialed it up a bit as you can actually charge a throw by holding down the key. Now we just need bowling and cheese.
  • Lots more stuff but check the commits and look around in the forum ...
New stuff in develop and coming soon:
Project updates:
  • Likely art meeting soon to review our artistic options now that we have a few more assets. Good chance to jump in if you're interested in contributing art.
  • should soon be working as our splash / download site using a nice design by 3000Lane from GitHub. It is essentially similar to the current but much snazzier and gives us a nice front-end hosted on GitHub including downloadables (not that we expect breaking our site would be all that easy on our new server)
  • Getting back on track some with project focus, especially with begla and Kai Kratz done with thesis work and available normally again - hoping to finish up milestone 4 fairly soon with a few more user / interaction goodies and maybe even animations then spend the next milestone on some architectural stuff possibly involving splitting the engine and content apart. Should also make it easier to do proper mods. And who knows, maybe the increased engine focus will result in multiplayer sooner rather than later, especially with potential tools floating around :)
  • My OUYA madness isn't the only craziness like that around, Begla actually ended up investing a little cash too in the Oculus Rift! And both of them will arrive in December, wee. Begla as a 3D wizard will likely be able to make that work solo, even, while I'm teaming up with a co-worker who has a small mobile dev group (with a minor app published and everything) for Android fun, with a couple other individuals also tinkering a bit in that area.
    • Note: These are personal projects me and Begla are entirely taking on as individuals assuming the full risk ourselves. Project donations are not involved nor are we promising anything at a project level. Just doing crazy things and hoping they work out ;)
  • Early lore preparation is beginning led by SuperSnark for the "Untrue Tao" world theme
  • We might get a Launcher going sometime to make running the game easier. Goes along well with some version history / automatic help updates we could prep in Git and the GitHub Wiki
  • Yours truly has finally gone over the edge (some more?) and started geeking out over keeping metrics ... on what work needs to be done. What better way to not get work done than turn undone work into nerdy graphs?
Phiew, that was a lot of stuff. I'm sure I missed some stuff and I can't tag everybody in one post due to forum limits :p

One major thing that's not currently moving much is crafting - we have designs (one reminds me a bit of Terrafirmacraft) but need a developer willing to work on the feature - any volunteers? :fluttercry:

Also more than happy to invite in more willing helpers getting the GitHub wiki updated some more, especially with migrating stuff from the old Foswiki instance. Incidentally the Xenforo wiki here is not really in use either, we might need to extract some stuff from there too

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