Introducing a friend to Terasology


Federal Gooey of Investigation
Hey, recently I introduce my friend to Terasology. He is a really good developer and I thought I could also have some good feedback from him regarding the documentation.

Quick background, he's also a GCI Participant, he's one of top 10 student in FOSSASIA apparently. He's also quiet an old friend of mine back from the days we were developing minecraft server plugins and mods.

So basically, he says that the documentation isn't really his favorite. Here are some reasons:
1. Too much different page.
2. Some guides are pretty non-linear and can be confusing.

He suggested that the documentation page should only be divided into 2 different page, for end-user and for developer.

I asked him to run the game from source with the guide, he successfully did it and then I asks him try adding a new food to the Cooking module. Following the guides, he successfully did it.

But he gives some suggestions saying that the dependencies for modules should be automatically downloaded, because it seems that he tried only fetching the Cooking module to only know that he is missing some dependencies and need to download other dependencies first before actually able to run the game with the module properly.

In addition to all that, he also wonders why the class is obfuscated when compiled, although this is an open-source project.

Screenshots of him running the game from source while holding the new food item he created. It's called Nasi Bungkus. It's a bunch of rice packed in banana leaves with small bits of chicken. It's a quiet popular takeaway food for workers here in Indonesia.