Legend of Goo


In the time before time, naught existed but endless stone. The endless stone was only broken by small air pockets, none more than a few blocks large and vast distances apart. In one of those caves, The Old arose, of endless wisdom and power. The first thing He did, He made time begin, for else the world could not be lived in. And then He looked upon the world and dispaired, as He was alone, and single gooblock can't live on his own.

For that, He sacrificed Himself, and from His remaints, in each and every cave of the world elementary goopool of The Ancients arose. The goopools then started discussing between each other how the world will develop, to not make the sacrifice of The Old come to dismay. But The Ancients, being direct descendants of The Old, didn't realize their goo was too corossive and they were making too much of it; sea of goo made the walls and floor of the caves to expand quickly, transforming them into the sacks of open air they are now. Eventually, the goo destroyed even the physical forms The Ancients, whose souls rose into the air, making the light of the caverns. The rest of the goo then quickly dissolved under the light. Remnants of the goo then sank into the cavern ground, forming the mineralogy of the caverns.

This could have been the end of goo, but something remained through it all. The Ancients managed to lay gooblobs of the next generation's elementary goopool, known as The Ancestors. Individual gooblocks from each ancestry line of The Ancestors are usually also referred to by their own names, The Wise (elders), The Guardians (travellers), The Creators (food-gatherers), The Parents (replicators), and The Sources (goo-productos). The Wise are the only ones who can communicate with their lineage of The Ancients, and through them, with other caverns where their telepathic powers, so weaker than those of their ancestors, can't reach. From them, they also learned the history of the world so they can pass it along. Meanwhile, The Creators roamed their caverns, creating all of the life, plant as well as animal as they were going. From their work, all of the current life descends. The Sources were meanwhile producing goo for the use of The Ancestors, as well as for The Creators to construct from. It is thus told that anything that lives now has a tiny bit of The Sources' goo in them.

But after the cavern was finished, The Ancestors found out they are still too powerful for the new life surrounding them, and so The Parents made their batch of gooblobs, whilst severely limiting the powers of the soon to be gooblocks. From the batch, The Original elementary goopool arose - the new gooblocks now mortal and similar to those that are now. The Ancestors then passed some of their knowledge upon The Original, before going of the cavern. Some of those arose between The Ancients, while others sealed themselves off along the borders of the cavern. Only The Guardians remained in the caverns, to watch over the life inside and protect it should some major danger happen. The Original and their descendants then populated the world, evolving along with the life around them, up to the point they are now.

Implications of the story:
  • Each Tera world is finite in all dimensions - goo only corroded away a finite amount of stone
  • There can be lots of different worlds completely unrelated to each other (they were always disconnected)
  • The story says how it usually went - worlds looking completely different are still possible (e.g. you don't want world with open air, but more of endless twisted caves - the air was not produced by a sea of goo eroding the stone away, but rather goo from gooblocks travelling around)
  • Explains old-way multiworlds fairly well - there was just more original caves closer to each other than usual
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The time has come, to year 324 past the Fall of the Great Dragon. The elvish people have not yet finished mourning for the death of the Great, nor for the loss of the vast treelands, crashed and burned. But after those centuries, the eternal flames, last of the Great's remnants, started to cease burning. And in the wasteland left behind, something unseen was uncovered, beneath the surface of the world. Something dangerous, but none knew what. And elves disliked not knowing what threatens them. That's why me, the young Beijor, only 500 years of age, have had to stop mourning and embark on my journey. Why me? For once, because of my age. Elders should see and dream of love and beaty; war and death is a thing of young. But of young there is more, not only me. Second reason was, and this decided, that I lived in the very Corner of the world, on the side of the Fall. Living my live in surroundings so hostile for any of the elven, only I had the highest chance of venturing in the crater and surviving. And have I been glad that I have spent my time climbing the rocky Walls instead of trees; for the 3 days past no living tree have I seen afar and rocky overhangs you could not count. And not a sight of anything life far and wide, yet even dangerous.

Another two days in and I still have not seen anything live. But as I am progressing towards the place of the Fall, there is still more and more eternal flames burning around, sometimes it's even hard to find a way around them, once I have been even forced to jump above them from a nearby overhang. I am afraid that just a few days separate me from seeing the first bones of the Great.

Yesterday I have seen one of the bones of the Great, sticking high in the sky, just near enough for me to see it. There is now nothing but eternal flames around me, strangely leaving only the narrow path I am walking now. Even stranger is, the rock seems wet and kinda slippery under my feet. What is this? Where am I?

The elder was satisfied, learning what he wanted. Only rarely did elves come into the wastelands, but this one gave him all the information on outer development he needed. "Do we need the meat?", he asked food-gatherer who brought him here. "No." "Then wipe him and send him back from where he came.". With that, he started on his way back to goopool. The new mixture was working wonders on protecting goo from the flames, but he was starting to feel a bit dry nevertheless.

It was a terrifying experience, going into the wastelands. Thankfully the flames got too strong before I even saw any bone of the Great, and more importanly, there was no sign of any danger anywhere in there. The council will be pleased to hear that.

Story background (e.g. description of world etc.) to be done