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Another summer full of coding and fun is finally over, and now it's time to recap on what happened in the last three months. We've prepared a blog post in which we are Looking Back at Google Summer of Code 2019 to give a brief overview of the students' achievements and contributions. In short: we are very pleased with the results of our 4th year participating in GSoC - this time as The Terasology Foundation.

Again, great thanks to our awesome students: :gooey:
@casals @majordwarf @darshan3 @AndyTechGuy @e-aakash @raj @Soundwave @wabadump @dave2s

But just because the summer is over and the leaves start falling from the trees does not mean that the project will idle now. Quite the contrary, fall seems to be a good season to flee the rainy weather outside and get your hands on some open source code.
  • Hacktoberfest is just around the corner, starting October 1st. To get an idea about what might await you have a look at the mega module audit issue (which most likely no mortal human being will be able to finish within one month, but anyways).
    Call to action: Please help us tagging and improving issues for them to properly show up on Github.
  • The next Play Test is scheduled for October 5th, and this will also mark the kick off of our Merge Marathon - getting all the open PRs merged! Chanced are high that we will set out prizes for most helpful contributors, so you might be able to earn yourself an early Christmas present.
  • ... and it's that time of the year again: this projects turns another year older, we want to continue the madness with a full Terasology Birthday Week, starting on October 12th. A highlight during the week will be Wednesday, October 16th, when we ware hosting our own small TeraCon, a self-organized meet-up in Munich, Germany, with some of the core contributors (and old friends like @qwc :giggle:). Subsequent to the meet-up the official Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit starts and will last until October 20th.
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Some more event details :)
  • Hacktoberfest is live, but we need more curated issues with the Hacktoberfest label applied. Curating said issues helps win points for the Merge-athon!
  • The merge-athon is itself somewhat more detailed along with the big module audit in issue #3737. We'll hand out up to 10 $100 Amazon gift cards, or more if any particularly worthwhile efforts materialize!
  • We need all those merges to help stabilize the build for better play testing and birthday celebrating, hopefully culminating on the 19th or even that whole weekend for that sake
  • Google Code-In organization signups are live and it looks like we'll have enough mentors to apply, but if more are interested please let us know you'd be interested! Mentoring GCI is fairly easy and you can also simply help with issue/task write-ups without committing to mentor yourself
Both Outreachy (if we get good matches between projects and applicants) and GCI (if we apply and get in) start early December, so there's a fair amount of time to prepare still :)


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Quick reminder that the GSoC 2019 Student and Mentor Evaluations open on Monday, June 24th at 18:00 UTC (mark your calendars!). At that point, all students will be able to complete the short evaluation about their mentor and their GSoC experience from their GSoC dashboard.
Remember, the evaluation form will only take 5 minutes to complete and is REQUIRED - don't miss the deadline and fail GSoC because you didn't take the 5 minutes to complete the evaluation.

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