Maze of the Ghokakmov


Design notes:
The world of the Maze of the Ghokakmov is a finite world in an endless void, comprised of valleys amidst high cliifs. The floors of these valleys are green with grass and overflowing with flowers, while the cliffs themselves are of bare stone, steep and rough, with only an ocassional bit of mineral every now and then. The valleys in this world form a single interconnecting maze of huge open spaces connected by only narrow passageways, where in the shadows of the cliff walls sometimes a danger lurks. Apart from the player, the monster lurking in the passageways and the ocassional bird landing in the maze on his way from somewhere to elsewhere, there is barely anything alive that is not a plant. In some of the open spaces in the valleys, there are also fountains placed, where water rises from under.

Story notes:
In reality, this whole world is nothing but a piece of skin on the tip of the ring finger of the endless Ghokakmov, the valleys forming his fingerprint. That piece of skin got turned into what it is today on the memorable day a thousand years ago, when the mighty Ghokakmov was scraping some potatoes for dinner with his Knife of Creation, and it suddenly slipped. The knife only just barely cut his finger, so minuscule cut it was, he didn't even notice it and was just thankful for his luck. What he didn't notice, was the half a milimeter of his skin cut clean from his finger, now loose in the wind and floating away. Still imbued with a bit of magic from the Knife of Creation, it got eventually attracted to the Totem of the Otherworld. And upon touching the totem, the story of creation of this world was finished.
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