Updates Metal Renegades: Terrain Generation Improvements


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Project progress board: https://trello.com/b/HKc9QHQl/metal-renegades-gsoc-2021
Project proposal:
This project concerns implementing a new terrain generator for Metal Renegades. Currently, the world of Metal Renegades is an endless desert, but I'll add more interesting terrain typical of the Old West: mesas where rock around a plateau has eroded away, canyons where rivers have cut deep into the rock, mountains made of rock instead of sand, and more. I'll also try to create a realistic distribution of flora and fauna, and include as much realism as I can while still remaining performant and fun to play.


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Progress Update:

This week, I worked on adding rivers to Metal Renegades, and updating the Tutorial World Generator, which was previously broken and outdated. The tutorial works now, and rivers look pretty good. I implemented rivers specifically for Metal Renegades instead of reusing the rivers from CoreWorlds because at high elevations like in mountains, those rivers would just carve 16 blocks or so into the ground, not get to sea level, and not generate any water. Instead, the new rivers carve all the way down to sea level, with varying steepness so that sometimes it generates canyons, and sometimes gentle slopes:

Meeting overview:
  • I gave an overview of my progress as described above.
  • We had a lot of discussion on improving the performance of world generation, especially optimizing the order in which chunks are generated, but didn't really come to any conclusions. I plan to look into it more this week, and hopefully do some profiling as well.
  • We discussed some issues arising from the river implementation, specifically that wells, houses, and the player could spawn underwater, and decided to add them to a new section of the Trello board.
  • Next week, I'll be focusing on biomes, adding four new biomes with associated surface block and plant generation. They'll be mostly placed according to terrain features, for example a rocky biome on mountainsides, and a wetter biome along rivers.