Suggested Module - Atmospherics


"We don't often admit it, but we like the little collision. After all, we do manage spaces and they often involve business."

She picked up a heavy book from the small, metal desk against the wall, and flipped through the first few pages. The cover featured an image of water splashing in response to a mass plunging into it. Strange, considering how rarely liquids were a part of the trade.

"Atmospherics is the discipline concerned with the mechanical, thermodynamic, and chemical properties of ambient fluid environments, static or dynamic."

Atmospherics indeed.



Goal: Introduce fluid dynamics to Terasology, and move tried-and-true gameplay from the drawing board of Space Station 13 to the big leagues of block games.

Expected Interactions: This module is expected to interact with modules concerned with entities and their survival, and modules concerned with the management of technical systems (e.g. Signalling, upcoming Computers, etc.). Possible future interaction with other modules concerned with mechanics (in the physics sense) or chemistry.

Motivation: The gameplay described below has either had extensive field testing in other games (most notably Space Station 13 and FTL) and found to be enjoyable as game mechanics, or is representative of the suggestions that those games have received as further points of growth. This module would open Terasology up to gameplay involving fluid environmental threats (e.g: extreme temperatures, underwater, in space), and add an interesting technical system for players that enjoy system design.

Atmospherics Core

In space, nobody can hear you scream.

Submodule concerned with basic operations of contained gases.

- Framework for creating and interacting with gasses.
- Area effects from gasses (or lack thereof)
- Pressure, temperature, volume, mass for gasses
- Basic flow - Discrete flux or continuous incompressible flow
- Diffusion
- Framework for registering simple gas containers (e.g. cylinders)

Atmospherics: Project Europa

There's nothing a good suit and an emergency tank can't fix... but down there... one mistake is all it takes.

Submodule concerned with basic operations of contained liquids.

- All the stuff from gasses, but for liquids
- Managing of spaces with both gasses and liquids

Atmospherics: Machinery

The moment you tell them a monkey with a wrench can operate this stuff is the moment those monkeys with wrenches take over our job.

Submodule concerned with providing machinery to manage fluids.

- Structural machinery useful in atmospheric environments (e.g. airlocks)
- Pipes, featuring basic flow and fluid attributes
- Machinery for manipulating fluids in pipes (e.g. compressors, heaters/coolers, distillation devices)
- Machinery for interfacing pipes to an environment (e.g. inlets/outlets)
- Machinery for extrapolating the analogy between fluid dynamics and electrodynamics (e.g. analogs to resisters, capacitors, transistors, etc.)

Atmospherics: Emergency

Pipe bombs in maintenance tunnels where they couldn't possible harm civilians: mass hysteria. A hull breach putting a timer on our life: don't worry, the engineers will handle it.

Submodule concerned with adding excitement and player interaction to the atmospherics module.

- Devices to interface environments to signalling/computers
- Devices to interface fluid containers with environment (e.g. diffusers/portable compressors)
- Equipment to assist in atmospheric tasks (e.g. portable airlocks)
- Equipment to protect from atmospheric conditions (e.g. suits, masks)

Atmospherics: Experimental

Oh this? I didn't set this up... but *this*? This is my little experiment.

Submodule concerned with pushing the boundaries of physics realism in video games.

- Dissolution of gases in liquids or vice versa
- Advanced flow: compressible flows
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