Tweaking Module categories


"Asset module - plain art / passive content module, possibly with basic block/model definitions. Example: LASR, Minerals, Soils"

Passive content and plain art should be seperate.

There should be some kind of cosmetic module catagory, AKA, resource packs/texture packs, shader, etc. Stuff that's just client side. Since currently selecting a module for a texturepack means that the world has that module stuck enabled, can't be deactivated or swapped out. (and would be intresting for pushing it to client from server, like in the way minecraft does with recommended resource packs). Stuff thats has no impact on code or function.

Then there should be something like a "Function" catagory of module. Like the cosmetics in the way they don't add any new items/blocks/things in the world save. How ever, these actually do things game wise, for example, different AI, block combinations causing things to happen, (like in the runecraft plugin for minecraft), or in minecrafts terms, plugins.

Since plugins don't add anything to the world save, they can just be added and enabled after the world has been created like texturepacks.

On the technical side, there should be a section for frameworks and libraries each.

Another one for addons, and another with in that one for intermodule addons. (where as an addon cannot be alone, it depends on something else, but the thing it depends on doesn't need it. An intermodule addon is the same but depends on multiple modules to create compatability between them)


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Passive content is meant as plain blocks that without further action do not actually get used by anything. Thus passive - no impact on gameplay on its own.

Client-only texture pack type stuff should be a category, yeah, and be allowed to enable/disable for an existing world (if a server allows it, anyway, but that's a bigger security / anti-cheat topic)

An "intermodule addon" (quite a mouthful) sounds like what I'd call a bridging module. Like WorkstationInGameHelp. Not needed by either Workstation or InGameHelp, but ties them together if enabled, providing in-game help doc specific to the workstation.

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Summary of what's been done to this point by various contributors (TheFlash98 being the primary contributor):

Module categorization is now supported in the engine. Filtering module selection by these categories is also supported.
These were the categories provided. They are not mutually-exclusive (although isGamePlay and isAugmentation probably should be).

* isGameplay
* isAugmentation
* isWorld
* isLibrary
* isSpecial

Allow filtering out library modules from module list #2935

Add AdvancedFilter section to SelectModulesScreen#3072

Add AdvancedFilter section to SelectModulesScreen v2#3347