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Sure staying busy these days! Just finished processing 5 pull requests with a stable build in the mix, tweaking the Jenkins config, grabbing all the pending stuff from the integrate branch and more! While I was working the video Gronkh posted officially crossed 500,000 views too - look below for a little thank you on that :)

  • Pull #311 and #313 and from x3ro to quickly arrange the in-game menu a little better and provide a nice asset loader update
  • Stable build 13 was made at this point with all these changes
  • Pull #307 was then finished with the great GUI changes miniME89 has been working on along with Adeon and x3ro - includes drag and drop inventory finally, but still needs some polish! NOTE: This breaks if you return to the main menu and then go back into a world. Restart the game and all will work fine. You could use the stable build instead if needed.
  • Along with that came Pull #305 from mkalb on GitHub that brought us a bunch of Gradle utility, like new tasks to reset your SAVED_WORLDS directory, run the protobuf compilation that re-generates config files after changes, etc. Also includes some initial checkstyle stuff but that may take a bit to stabilize and get hooked up to Jenkins :geek:
  • Related issues in our tracker fixed by all and other recent activity includes: #284, #286, #298, #306, and #308
  • After all that fun Unstable build 245 was made and uploaded to GitHub for easy download (currently same as Experimental build #28 but that'll change)
I've put all three latest builds on the GitHub download section as we want to start using that as a front to shield our Jenkins a bit from traffic spikes. They're not automatically uploaded yet (so for a bit may go out of sync vs. Jenkins) but I'm leaving Kai Kratz that as a present to figure out as he has volunteered to take over primary Git herding (muahaha!) where maybe mkalb can help some on the Gradle angle :twilightsmile:

With placeholder files ready we can also move to integrate the beautiful splash/download site front from 3000Lane on GitHub with the right links now. AlbireoX might be able to hook that up.

Finally, but not least, our artists have been busy and at this point we badly need somebody to help get their models in-game! Especially The Golden Donkey of Gronkh by RampageMode ! For those wondering how that came to be look at the funny German to English Google Translate of the original article - especially the awesome sentence: "Games presents itself today as the once brazen copy of Mojang between gold donkey, but with some changes" - that was too good to forget, so let this tribute to Gronkh show our appreciation permanently with a creature present in-game ;)

Of course, we do need to get it into the game! For that we need a volunteer or two to go through the guide overdhose put together before he had to ho into hibernation due to RL and figure out how to better set up models in-game. Starting as miniions is fine, later we'll have to come up with an actual creature system. There is a queue of artwork building up - please help move it forward if you can! :)

Edit: Some additional info from mkalb:

Info for developers:
Use the following commands:
// Remove all old stuff
"gradlew -b buildOld.gradle clean cleanIdea cleanEclipse"
"gradlew clean"
// Show tasks
"gradlew tasks" or "gradlew tasks --all"
// Create IDE config files
"gradlew idea" or "gradlew eclipse"
// The output folder changed: idea -> "out"; eclipse -> "bin"; gradle -> "build"