multiplayer / single player options


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In "Contributor Introductions" section (that I have taken the time to read twice :roll: ) I see lot of talk of multiplayer. I am sure that this should and will be the focus of Blockmania. But I was just wondering if you will still keep the single player option open for those of us who were brought up to that type of play more than the other.

I know that your not there yet for a cement decision but my mind thought the question up .... so I thought I would throw it out to see what came back ;)


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We haven't done an in-depth architecture discussion on single/multi yet, other than knowing for sure that we want multi. I'm pretty sure we'll have single player too, not totally sure if the worlds would be specific to one or the other (I'd like for server setup to be extremely easy so if you really wanted you could run your own multiplayer setup even if you don't expect to play with anybody else)

But don't quote me on any details, it is still so very much up in the air :)