New community portal online!


DARN, lost a post. What did I say????? Now you know why I number everything, I'm trying to remember what I meant to say.

1. I don't think you need a separate Team section. The names (Art, Design, Engine/World, Modding) sound like serious business. I think people will notice that. (Last chance for modules! Modules everybody!)

2. For "General Dev" how about "Development Portal"? It connotes stepping through, but also negotiating and asking questions. And it sounds cool...

3. The little popup explanations have the potential to avoid many misunderstandings. I would advise putting some time into making those as informative as possible (while brief!). Any random person with any random reason to post should be able to read those things and find the right place to post without any more help. Can help with that over the next few days if it is wanted. For example one thing I see is that your pop-ups right now have a slightly confusing mixture of "you can read about this here" and "you can post about this here". People need to know where they can post what they have to say (since this is forum, not a wiki). If they mistakenly think they can't post somewhere where they should (like, it says "how to play"), they will post in the wrong places and clutter things up.


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Okay, another round of tweaks applied, this time focused on making the descriptions more exact and pointing out more directly where what type of stuff goes and what if any limitations are intended. None of which have been applied yet - still all open.

Went with "Developer Portal" to not clash with "Development > Development Portal" or too vague plain "Portal" - good idea, and I do like portals :D

Thinking Design + Engine & World could be new post restricted (anybody can comment) to existing contributors to funnel too fluffy stuff through Suggestions or Dev Portal first. Modding could sort of be too, pulling topics from Suggestions when somebody is willing to implement (which could come with a "Modder" badge separate from the main series of teams), while vapor-suggestions can stay back there.

And in case I haven't blabbered about that everywhere yet I'm thinking about making a main "Contributor" group that's about everybody who has hung out for a bit and made an effort, yet haven't really specialized yet, then specialized Dev Team groups matched somewhat with forums (with the note that anybody can be part of as many teams as makes sense). Old Core team concept goes poof in favor of that setup, we just get to sit on the veranda and tell the young whippersnappers to get off the blocky lawn. Except Metouto, he's cool :cool:

Feedback please! Especially on the forum descriptions. We almost need a humorous flowchart to depict the setup. Might do a separate "Forum Map" page to describe our procedures better, if that makes sense.