New launcher release + Destination Sol, important config reset note


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
I just released the Terasology Launcher at v3.1.0 which was suddenly needed as an upgrade of our Jenkins server made the scanning of available game builds break. It would leave the launcher marking most/all builds as faulty. If you get "stuck" seeing that even with the new release try deleting the launcher's cache. Default launcher cache home on Win7 would be something like


Another new/recent release is our adopted project Destination Sol which is finally back in motion with its v1.4.0 release including a cool new soundtrack by @NeonInsect ! It has been published on both Steam and Google Play as well, which took a while to get used to again :) Glad I actually have time to sink into that right now!

Additionally the latest developer build for Terasology has a special requirement to reset your local config.cfg located in the game data dir. We're adding translation for more configuration but that also means the default config names are changing for some stuff, which causes trouble with existing config. Deleting config.cfg doesn't hurt your games, it just resets graphic settings etc. That may happen a few more times in the near future.

Light & Shadow is moving a bit again with @Skaldarnar having enabled the magic dome with a graphic by @glasz and GooeysQuests continues to be enhanced by @Florian whose Structure Templates from there are now even used by @Cpt. Crispy Crunchy in the Dynamic Cities GSOC project :)

Plenty of other activity with the other two GSOC projects and @xtariq is still going nuts across multiple modules but I need to stop writing somewhere, it is 2:43 am here!