Featured Next play test(s?), GSOC updates, DestSol, v2, more mergers ...


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Busy times these days! Will try to be brief:
  • Next weekend Saturday May 5th is our scheduled play test and should help get some more GSOC student/mentor/project stuff going
  • Speaking of playing things we have a Factorio server running until maybe Tuesday sometime. Come check it out! Then build it in Terasology real quick
  • Initial GSOC project guidelines have been posted and the various forum threads, Slack channels etc are coming online. More of that next weekend
  • We might run a GSOC-like community project for Destination Sol, meeting about it next weekend. Wonder if we could do anything else like that in other areas?
  • Speaking of DestSol I threw push rights at a few more active contributors there and as a result more stuff got merged. Hey we should do that for Terasology too. No running away! It isn't that much more scary. C'mon, offer to help out, worst that can happen is that you get to :)
  • We should really start finalizing engine v2 or it'll never release. Any remaining API breaking changes should be committed really soon or at least advertised so we can make some informed decisions. Main outstanding blocker needs more helpers for testing and finishing a few module updates